Reflections 2010

2010 is an interesting year. It has been filled with utter bullshit and with so many invaluable life experiences. It has been filled with many disappointments with few achievements in there somewhere. To me, it is what I would define this year as a complete shit show. I needed this year to happen. It was good for me.

I learned so much this semester on how to be a better person. Well, some of it is more like re-vamping the knowledge that I had. It’s taking things I’ve learned and actually putting it into action. These are just simple things like…
1) The most beautiful word to a person is the person’s name.
2) Give genuine compliments when you see fit because everyone likes to be appreciated.
3) Admit fault first if there is any
4) Regardless of anything, do not give direct criticisms because…
5) Pride is extremely dangerous. Be careful with this secondary emotion.
6) In times of difficulty, reason must prevail over emotions in order to remain poise and sane.
7) Sometimes, you just gotta put up with bullshit. No questions asked. Just deal with it. Shit happens.
…and many more that I cannot think of right now

With that said, it’s goodbye to 2010 and cheers to the new year. I’m heading to the Dominican Republic to do some volunteer work with my fraternity brothers. I’m pretty psyched about it. I got some new year resolutions and I do intend of sticking with them this semester. I guess the biggest one is just working out and being more healthy. Since I do not have as much responsibilities within my fraternity and other organizations, I will devote these times to this goal (cooking more, hitting the gym).


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