Semester Update #1

First week of class is done and classes seem to be pretty interesting. I’m a little behind but I’m hoping to be caught up within the next week. It’s rush week for the fraternity, so I’m pretty excited to be meeting potential actives. This is starting out to be a pretty good semester so far.

I’ve been working out of Tom almost everyday. Hopefully my schedule can keep up with the workout schedule. I’m happy to be bringing back exercise into my life. I fell off the wagon halfway during my sophomore year and now I don’t even know what I was thinking. Exercising is fun! It gives instant gratification too. I mean, it’s not that much, but I can bench a whole plate now! It might be light to some, but this is definite progress for me from the sub-100 that I benched last week. My body is still getting used to it and hopefully there’s more progress to come.


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